KATSUJIN HAKAMA (Cotton With Mesh)

KATSUJIN HAKAMA (Cotton With Mesh)

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A sei-aizome hakama with inner mesh layer that is light and quick drying.

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A sei-aizome hakama that is light and quick drying. The use of Techno-mesh for the inside of the hakama allows good sweat absorption, drying, and its light weighted. The Obi is made from Gunze Switorl-C that is very durable. Aizome or Sei-Aizome is natural indigo dye traditionally use in Japan for its deep, jet black indigo color with anti-bacterial and anti-smell properties.


・Aizome hakama with mesh
・Cotton, Techno-mesh, Switorl-C
・With inner layer fabric using techno-mesh and obi using Switorl-C. 


The hakama is a special cotton hakama with inner layer fabric using technomesh to give it light weight, sweat absorption and quick drying. It has slightly lower density compared to full cotton making it slightly softer. Aisome suppresses the smell of sweat with its anti-bacterial effect. In Japan, cotton keikogi and hakama is expected to be use during even such as competition, practicing outside (degeiko) and grading. It is said, wearing a nice cotton keikogi and hakama is a sign of respect towards the opponent, and a sign of good grooming. Hence, this hakama would be suitable not only for daily practice, but even during grading, competition, and Degeiko. This hakama is good balance between full cotton hakama and tettron hakama. Its price is great for kendoka that wishes to start using cotton hakama. It functions well for kendoka that practice long hours, sweat a lot, and practice in hot climate, temperature or condition.