KATSUJIN for Kids (Set)

KATSUJIN for Kids (Set)

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The first washable kendo bogu designed to wear and tear from washing. 

・For kids


・5mm pitch

【Product code: 12_10】


+$50 for bogu bag & tenugu:
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Katsujin Shonen is a bogu design with intention of providing a bogu set with special function unavailable before while maintaining its primary function as a protective equipment. Katsujin Shonen is designed with modern and synthetic material to allow a bogu that is highly quick to dry, absorb sweat effectively, anti-smell function and most importantly washability for teenagers and kids. Katsujin Shonen can be said to be the first truly washable kendo bogu for kids and teenagers designed specifically to even handle wear and tear from repeated wearing and washing. 



5mm Naname-zashi with orizashi style design using Gunze Switorl-C mesh together with Ileather kongawaboshi on its medium length menbuton gives it durability, quick drying, and good sweat absorption, anti-smell function and good protection. The use of be*quem urabari inside the men, ensures its longevity from repeated wear and tear while functioning as a good sweat absorber. Two detachable uchiwa and okubyodare provided allows user to quickly clean and wash, while its material texture gives comfort. Highly suitable especially for teenage or young practitioner in hot climate like southeast asia or africa or for practitioner who goes to frequent practice.

The easily shape men, kote and tare makes it easy to shape it. Its light weight makes it for an easy travel. Its also a solid built for taking hits. Though, might not be suitable for teenagers or young adults who practice in mix practice i.e young beginners together with adult beginners.


Its 5mm orizashi style design using Gunze Switorl-C mesh together as kote buton, and its micropunch tenouchi offers quick to dry, effective sweat absorption, anti-smell function and washability.