KENDO PARK Opening Day


We at KENDO PARK is happy to announce our opening day starting Today 16/1/2017. On this auspicious day, we would like to invite all of you, kendoka or non-kendoka, to visit our site.
This site is a small site dedicated to the growing Kendo international community and also to Kendo equipment maker from Master Craftsman to Maker and shop. Without their help and support this thing would have not happen. We wish this would offer moral or spiritual support to other effort done by other great international kendo community members that works hard tirelessly towards the better of the kendo community. 

We would like to also say thanks to Yamato Budogu, Ito Tsuyoshi-san and Eiko Budogu Madokoro-san for their help and input in kick starting this project.

Kenshi Nagamatsu