What's Interesting About KENDO PARK (2)

Left side tells you the type of material and design while the right tells you its characteristic

In KENDO PARK, we are helping and supporting each budogu shop by introducing each product or series under their respective shops. And we hope by doing so that everyone interested in Kendo equipment will take interest in these store, its owner and craftsmen.

With handling different bogu store products comes the problem of being able to compare each product. To ease that, we have done our best to be as transparent as possible by using a few way to give information. One of it is the design spec and its characteristic spec.

Thickness and hardness is something new we are trying out. Go to About section and look for "The science of Bogu" if you wanna find out what, why thickness and hardness is important.

Kenshi Nagamatsu

Born December 8th, 1987 in Tokyo
Graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Law.

Started Kendo at 5 years old at the Tokyo-budokan (located in Ota-ku, Tokyo), and continued kendo club activities throughout Keio junior high school and Keio high school, and during Keio University Athletic Association's Kendo association, as well as Nomura Securities' Kendo association.

Started KENDO PARK services in 2017.

Major kendo accomplishments include:
・Second place in Kanagawa prefecture's high school kendo tournament
・Best 8 in Kanto students' new player tournament
・Best 16 in All-Japan Business Organization Kendo Tournament, etc.

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