In response to our many customer inquiries as to where they can purchase bogu bags used by representative Japanese kendo players, we at KENDO PARK now provide bogu bag models used by Japanese players in the 2015 World Kendo Championships.

The entirety of the bag is made of synthetic leather, and boasts a considerable level of durability.

It is also a trolley-type bag, allowing for shinai bags to be inserted into its handle for easy storage.

Its 72-liter carrying capacity is the greatest in terms of bogu bags, making it possible for players to travel abroad or go on kendo trips using just this bag alone.

The white bogu bags that the Japanese representatives carried were limited edition bags and are unavailable for purchase, but we offer the black and gold bags in the same model.

Though the bags are heavier than other models due to their durable build, the overall feel of it is luxurious.

Bring it to practice with you, and live out the feeling of being your favorite Japanese kendo player.

We also provide shinai bags in the same model, so feel free to take a look at those as well.