Current Situation of Kendo Equipment Shop (2)

Where does everyone buy their kendo gear? We believe most kendo players outside of Japan are only familiar with a handful of Japan based Japanese Martial Art stores. Although there are stores with craftsmen of great skills in Japan, their limited resources and language barrier has made it hard for these stores to reach the international audience.
The following is the conservative data on the martial art stores that are still active in Japan.

Kendo stores in Japan                       :  400 Stores

Kendo stores with webpage             : 200 Stores

Kendo stores with online-store        : 30 Stores

Global Market size for kendo alone        : 15 billion Japanese Yen / 150 million US dollars

*Above figures are per KENDO PARK’s research

KENDO PARK’s role is to help these stores with high quality gears to reach the international scene and introduce international kendo players to a wider array of choices,

We would like everyone to see the immense commitment to great quality these craftsmen have to offer.

Kenshi Nagamatsu

Born December 8th, 1987 in Tokyo
Graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Law.

Started Kendo at 5 years old at the Tokyo-budokan (located in Ota-ku, Tokyo), and continued kendo club activities throughout Keio junior high school and Keio high school, and during Keio University Athletic Association's Kendo association, as well as Nomura Securities' Kendo association.

Started KENDO PARK services in 2017.

Major kendo accomplishments include:
・Second place in Kanagawa prefecture's high school kendo tournament
・Best 8 in Kanto students' new player tournament
・Best 16 in All-Japan Business Organization Kendo Tournament, etc.

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