Current Situation of Kendo Equipment Shop(1)

Japan, a country with the fastest aging population in the world.

Interestingly, the average age of business owners is at 60.8 years old, which sees an increasing trend annually, along with this the issue of “business inheritance” has grown dire.

Martial art stores are no exception to this situation, coupled with the difficulty of the craft and skill in this area of expertise, young apprentices are few and far in between.

On the other hand, a lot of martial art stores were able to hand over their management to younger managers who are keen to bring kendo gears to oversea clients and enthusiasts.

KENDO PARK holds the same passion, thus is committing its effort to provide information and knowledges to kendo players outside of Japan.

Kenshi Nagamatsu

Born December 8th, 1987 in Tokyo
Graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Law.

Started Kendo at 5 years old at the Tokyo-budokan (located in Ota-ku, Tokyo), and continued kendo club activities throughout Keio junior high school and Keio high school, and during Keio University Athletic Association's Kendo association, as well as Nomura Securities' Kendo association.

Started KENDO PARK services in 2017.

Major kendo accomplishments include:
・Second place in Kanagawa prefecture's high school kendo tournament
・Best 8 in Kanto students' new player tournament
・Best 16 in All-Japan Business Organization Kendo Tournament, etc.