New High-tech Materials "NANO-MAGIC"

For those of you that want to wash your Hakama in the washing machine but feel

that Hakamas made of tetrone or jersey look unfashionable,

we are here to introduce a new type of Hakama called “Nano-magic”.


Nano-magic uses unique fibers invented by a famous Japanese enterprise,

giving it the look and feel of a genuine cotton Hakama.


Because it is made out of polyester material that has now undergone Ai-zome (=indigo dyeing),

you can machine-wash it with very minimal warping or fading. It also dries comparatively quickly,

making it a product that solves the notorious problem of cotton Hakamas being difficult to maintain.


Nano-magic makes it easy for you to dress for practice, and look cool during it.

This is a product that is difficult to purchase overseas, so why not take a look?