Shops owned and managed by masters craftman that have spent years learning, 

honing and mastering skill to produce their own original Bogu entirely and independently on their own.

Yamato Budogu is bogu workshop run by Tsuyoshi Ito and his family for more than 80 years. He puts a lot of his energy and focus in producing some of the best made in Japan and handmade bogu.

Ito Tsuyoshi and his brother are two Master Craftsman that boast with more than 40 years of experience in the art of bogu making.


Yoshiaki Yamaguchi is one of the handful craftsmen in Japan. 

Making full use of traditional techniques based on his 50 years experience, he does all processes of shinai-making (including selecting bamboos and cutting them out) by hand. Please feel the extraordinary craftsmanship in your hand.

Sengendo open by Takeomi Togo, who himself a 6th Dan kendoka. Mr Togo is worring the rise in prioritizing winning in match and the cost cutting practice in bogu making

For him, the 3 fundamentals of Kendo equipment needs to be upheld: Safety, ease of use and aesthetic. By returning to the above philosophy of what bogu are meant to be, the Japanese tradition of bogu will pass on for ages to come.                


Kiichi-Takayanagi store is a long-established shop which started from dyeing of yarn and the sale of Tanmono (roll of cloth) about 50 years ago.

The store has been engaged in traditional Enshu-aizome (indigo dyeing) in Hamamatsu area, Japan. It has the indigo dyeing workshop inside the company and consistently performs from dyeing to sewing. 

Please feel its professionalism through the products.


Shops that assembles their own original Bogu lineup from Bogu parts

made in their own factory or procure it from other factory.

Matsukan Kogyo had work tirelessly together in helping to promote kendo by supplying large amount of bogu. It has lasted for more than 100 years.

Mr.Ando is a legend in business industries. With multiple range of products that focus not only on comfort and easy to use, they are also adventurous in using new material to create new functions and values in kendo equipment.

Eiko Budogu opened in 1992 by Yoshiaki Madokoro's father. His father who started kendo when he was 30 years old got interested in kendo equipment and decided to open their own shop.

Currently their focus on making bogu not only geared towards competitive kendo player but balancing also toward the masses needs.         


  Yaichi Matsumoto decides to open up Shokodo in 1934 after years of training and polishing his skill as bogu maker. 

For the current president and owner of the shop, Matsumoto Takahito the important part of kendo equipment is safety, preserving the usage of traditional and classical material in bogu making.


ISENOKAMI is the brand of kendo tools, established by Akito Abe, who is a famous ads creator. The online store 「ISENOKAMI」has inherited the name of which the world first Kendo information site that he opened.

The origin of the name is a legendary swordsman Kamiizumi Isenokami (上泉伊勢守) who innovated "swordsmanship" by the invention of "Fukuro-shinai" (袋竹刀).


Fukuda Budogu shop is the martial arts tool shop that started as a peddler at first in1986.

The shop always brings out innovative products such as "Kasumi-ryu kendo-gu" inspired by a famous kendo-gu craftsman, and "Adidas shinai bag" made in collaboration with the major manufacturer.

The shop is owned by Mr. Toyoda, who himself is a 7th Dan kendoka. His wife, a famous Japanese traditional calligrapher known as Hokuto Syosui.

She is designing the fonts and design used in each of their product.Hokuto Budogu zekken/nafuda are highly regarded and prized among kendo fan.                


SHINBU SHOJI ('shoji' refers to a commercial corporation) is a major kendo tools manufacturer in Himeji. The shop has a sales network at retail outlets nationwide.

The shinai which is produced in their own overseas factory is known for its high quality. Please have a look at the rich lineup.                    


TANEI Inc. is an up-and-coming company and has been known for its kendo-gi using the regional brand "Mikawa cotton".

The company developed 'Sashiko-ori ( quilting textile)' and 'bio processing' which became common now. 

Maintaining tradition and striving for technology innovation, TANEI has recently been developing its new apparel brand "sassico".


Shops that specialize in procuring Kendo gear from Bogu Maker and Bogu craftman. 

Some shops produces their own original Bogu line-up through collaboration with Bogu Maker and Bogu craftman.


Musashiya  first started by Mr. Saruta 40 years ago. Originally, the shop specialized in Japanese Katana. 

Musashi-ya handles over wide variety of bogu made produced by bogumaker. The shop specifically focus on kendo bogu that is easy to use and light-weight.Mr. Nagai is a 7th dan kendo practitioner,the current supervisor of Musashi-ya bogu shop originally join as kendo instructor in Musashi-ya affliated dojo.