KENDO PARK is the results of years of aspiration by two people wanting to do something different and meaningful in the Kendo world.

In Japan currently there are a lot of incredible master craftsman and wonderful kendo equipment manufacturers without any platform to international market. Currently, the kendo world is still more or less focus on cheap bogu but great bogu takes time, money and skill to make.

We hope KENDO PARK could be a means to not only educate, but introduce the richness and tapestry of Japan bogu industry. Thus, in KENDO PARK the main character are the different stores affiliated with us. It is our greatest wish that you will be able to know them just as we do and love them too.

Second, since kendo equipment world revolves around Japan and the needs of Japanese people, we at KENDO PARK try our best function as mediator, to mediate information regarding each bogu through our reviews.  Though as human, we may succumbed to our biases as such we hope to provide our best effort in presenting different objective data and information.  Hence, we strives to provide as much detail as we can, in order for our customers to choose bogu best suited to personal preferences. 

Our objectives : 

  1. To provide platform for many different type of bogu store
  2. To introduce and focus on the stores
  3. To mediate information and provide to utmost ability objective look on each stores and product
  4. To provide other forms of objective data for customer to vet
  5. To educate regarding kendo equipment