Superlative Genuine Indigo-dyeing Cotton Hakama ♯12,000 (size in 24~29)

Superlative Genuine Indigo-dyeing Cotton Hakama ♯12,000 (size in 24~29)

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・Made in Japan

・Traditional "Enshu indigo" dyeing

※For the handling, please confirm the notes on the bottom of the product page.

【Product code:  HB5】


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This product is made in Japan and dyed by "Enshu Ai-zome (ai-zome means indigo-dyeing)", which is  the traditional technique in Hamamatsu district.
The natural fermentation indigo dyeing is the technique of indigo dye without using chemical agents. By using only natural ingredients, it realizes body-friendly products.
This product is made of cotton, and the 'No.12,000' hakama.
The number refers to how many cotton threads are struck to 1 inch square.

Please be sure to check the size chart and images.
Please don't wash with other laundry.
Please don't use bleaching agent.
Please don't use vinegar or salt for preventing color-fading.
Lightly washing with water is enough to get rid of sweat dirt. 
Please be understanding of slight shrinks by washing.
Using a dewatering machine causes more shrinks of the product.
As this item is completely order receiving production, it takes about 1 month and a half until the delivery date.

A name is able to be formed by embroidery. Please refer to the color sample above.



Product Category: Hakama
Material: Cotton 100% / Natural fermentation genuine indigo dyeing