BUSHU-ICHI WARM (Cotton With Fleece Lining)

BUSHU-ICHI WARM (Cotton With Fleece Lining)


World Class Premium Bushu-Ichi Brand kendogi with fleece lining.

※Please refer to sizing chart

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Bushu aisome kendogi with inner layer using raised fabric . Raise fabric are good absorbing sweat and dries very quickly. Aizome or Sei-Aizome is natural indigo dye traditionally use in Japan for its deep, jet black indigo color with anti-bacterial and anti-smell properties.

World Class Premium Bushu-Ichi Brand. Bushu-Ichi products made with naturally weaved Sakizome(=yarn dyeing) threads using shuttle weavers combined with Bushu’s unique fabrication process. Items are very limited, it is hard to find, even in Japan.

※ Do squeeze when washing the garment. As the dye will color will run within the washing machine, please refrain from doing so and instead hand wash.
※The product is made following Japanese size. A slight smaller size of 0.5 size would be suitable for slim body type. While, a slightly 0.5 size larger should be suitable for bulky body type.


・Bushu aizome (Indigo dyed) kendogi

・Cotton with fleece lining
・Bushu special dye and weaving
・Please refer to sizing chart below


The two layer aisome cotton keiko is on the thick side. Good thickness offers good protection while absorbing sweat effectively. Aisome suppresses the smell of sweat with its anti-bacterial effect. The fleece is design to absorb effectively and dries quickly, keeping user hot even in cold or winter weather. It brings out the best of your silhouette while still being comfortable with is soft texture.Suitable for kendo practitioner in cold area and weather. 

In Japan, cotton keikogi and hakama is expected to be use during even such as competition, practicing outside (degeiko) and grading. It is said, wearing a nice cotton keikogi and hakama is a sign of respect towards the opponent, and a sign of good grooming. Hence, this keikogi would be suitable not only for daily practice, but even during grading, competition, and Degeiko.