KATSUJIN (Antibacterial Jersey)

KATSUJIN (Antibacterial Jersey)

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Orizashi design Jersey type single layer kendogi.

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Orizashi design Jersey type single layer kendogi. Its fabric made by 3M, the famous scotch tape company with anti-smell effect. It is quick drying, light weight, good sweat absorption and difficult to get dirty makes it a must have for those who train in hot area, season and climate. 


・Single layer jersey
・100% Switorl-C polyester filament
・Design to look like orizashi



The jersey kendogi is thin and light weight to allow quick drying. The back stitching ensures that the back of the keikogi is always straight. The orizashi design makes it not only usable during keiko but for competition. The use of Switorl-C polyester ensures that it is durable, with cotton like texture while giving it good sweat absorption. In Japan, cotton kendogi and hakama are expected to be use during even such as competition, practicing outside (degeiko) and grading. While polyester kendogi and hakama is usually limited for practice. In this case, its orizashi design allows it to look like cotton kendogi, making it suitable especially for competition during hot climate like southeast asia. Whether one can use it during practice or competition or not, it is better to get comfirmation from each respective dojo and sensei.