KAGAYAKI (Set Without Do)

KAGAYAKI (Set Without Do)

from 970.00

It is a bogu design following the traditional design and protective equipment.

・12mm pitch

※Not include Do.

【Product code: 17_03】


+$60 for bogu bag & tenugui:
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Kagayaki means shining like the star on the darkest night. It is a bogu design following the traditional design and idea of bogu as first and foremost as a protective equipment. In the hand of Sengendo, this traditional design is given new life by balancing it high level of ergonomics and easy to use to achieve.



 Its medium strong structure with thick 12 mm stitches menbuton creates elastic bumps that is good at absorbing impact. Its Duralumin mengane allows good balance between mobility, protection and cost. Its slightly convex tsukidare ensures its strong structure and allows the shinai to stop at tsukidare. 


Kagayaki (Kote) structurally strong, long, and good elasticity gives the kotebuton ability to protects the user from hard hits effectively. Its asymmetrical kote design allows superb stuffing right kote fingertips, wrist and kera protects from misblows during simultaneous hits. Its strong structure, thickness and elasticity is very well suited for people who frequently practice with hard-hitters.